Doctoral Program

The FT offers 4 (four) years Ph.D. degree program in Fisheries Technology. Both fundamental and applied research related to Harvesting, Processing, Preservation, and Quality Control can be chosen for pursuing Ph.D. study in this department. The themes of the research are chosen based on the identification of problems in the field level including the following topics:

  • Fishing Technology,
  • Post-Harvest Fishery Loss Assessment,
  • Fish Processing and Preservation Technology,
  • Aquatic Food Chemistry,
  • Aquatic Microbiology,
  • Utilization of Marine Fisheries Resources,
  • Development of Value-added Fishery Products,
  • Fishery Products and By-Products Technology,
  • Human Health and Seafood,
  • Aquatic Food Quality and Safety,
  • Traceability and
  • Other related fields.
For admission, the application needs to be filled in the prescribed form obtainable from and submitted to the Coordinator, CASR. Those who are in employment must submit their application through proper channel.
A foreign student seeking admission to the Ph.D. course at FT need to submit an application through the respective government agencies to the CASR with a certificate of proficiency in English language and letters of recommendation from two referees for admission. The admission shall be processed as per section 2.4. The foreign students and Bangladeshi students residing abroad may be exempted from appearing before the Admission Committee for an interview. Details of the admission procedure can be found in the International Admission Section of BAU website.