Department of Fisheries Technology has a strong commitment to outreach at all levels. Faculty members are encouraged to actively disseminate the output of their research to the public. This is most commonly done via press releases for important papers. Specific training courses and seminars are also arranged for dissemination of technology developed at the Department.

In March 2018, Prof. Nowsad Alam and his team developed 'Hilsa soup' and 'Hilsa noodles' as a way to preserve the sought-after fish in the form of cubes and powder. Virgo Fish and Agro Process, a local fish processing plant, is marketing the hilsa products formulated by researchers under a Department of Fisheries and World Fish project funded by the USAID. This initiative to make boneless hilsa comes at a time when the production of the national fish is on the rise thanks to a host of steps such as a ban on catching of the fish during breeding periods and awareness campaigns by the government. Another research team headed by Prof. Fatema Hoque and Prof. Ismail Hossain prepared fish pickle and condiment from Thai Pangus, the fish that has the largest share of production in aquaculture sector of the country. In many cases, the market price of Thai pangus declines due to abundance of their production. Therefore, it would serve as a source of raw material for fish pickle and provide a good taste and nutrition to the country and outgoing people at cheaper price. These technologies are now being desseminated.
Department staff are also engaged in outreach activities with local fishermen and fish processors' groups. These include helping them understand the importance of fishing sustainably in the rivers and floodplains; improving quality and safety status of traditionally prepared fish products.
We have a close relationship with the Department of Fisheries (DOF). Our faculties provide technical support to assure quality and other standards of exportable fish products from Bangladesh.